Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September 23-29: Part 3 of "Do Whatever" - The End

After getting in a somewhat respectable training week in despite a huge workload at the office (or not at the office, more precisely), I was optimistic about being able to get in some solid training efforts while traveling to Columbia, SC last week. Packed several run outfits and swim gear.

And used none of it.

That final sloth-like act had me itching to train again, and when my coach informed me that my “do whatever” was over effective Saturday, I hopped back on. Now I’m back in town for most of October and November, and ready to get some work done.

Monday: Zip.

Tuesday: Zilch.

Wednesday: Zero.

Thursday: 9 mile bike commute and an easy 5 mile untimed run to and around the Tidal Basin.

Friday: 2000 meters of easy swimming, then about 3.5 miles of easy running around the monuments as a lunchtime work break.

Saturday: 25 miles on my time trial bike, then 3600 meters of swimming with DCRP Masters.

Sunday: 10 mile long run prescribed as 6 miles easy, 2 miles build to half marathon pace, 2 miles build to 10k pace. Funny story: when you don’t spend much time running fast, or running at all, that build section at the end is rough.


  1. I'm glad your do whatever weeks were doing whatever. Looks like a nice recovery and I can relate to build running right now. I haven't been doing much, if any, speed so anything fast is quite painful.

  2. Way to soak up lots of doing whatever. Taking a break from structured training is good for the body and mind, and plus, it makes you appreciate the process even more. Oh, and speaking of speedwork, I have another session tomorrow. Should be interesting and painful, lol.

  3. Breaks are so good - glad you took when when you felt like you needed it!

  4. Is it weird that I'm relieved that you took a break? Sounds like you were able to....enjoy it? Or at least use the time to get ahead at work?

  5. Taking a break after a busy race season is the best! I'm glad you had time to fit in a couple rest days. :)