Monday, October 7, 2013

September 30-October 6: Back to Work

As much fun as the “do whatever” plan was for three weeks, last week had me actually following a training plan my coach wrote up for me. Look at me, listening to directions.

The struggle comes in accepting that I’m going to be a little slower and get fatigued more easily towards the end of the training week thanks to the downtime I took. That’s OK. I have time to get my speed and fitness back, and the extra rest will pay off later.

Monday: A 3.4 mile run followed by 40 minutes of strength training in the morning. 9 miles of bike commuting.

Tuesday: An hour of easy spinning on the bike trainer in the morning, 3800 yards of swimming with DCRP Masters in the evening. 9 miles of bike commuting.

Wednesday: A 5.3 mile track workout in the evening, including 1600 (7:51)-2x800 (3:44-3:44)-4x400 (1:48-1:49-1:48-1:46). 19 miles of bike commuting.

Thursday: 45 minutes of strength training in the morning, 4000 yards of swimming with DCRP Masters in the evening.

Friday: A 6.25 mile hilly fartlek run.

Saturday: 3300 meters of swimming with DCRP Masters.

Sunday: An 8 mile run with 4 miles at “faster” paces that didn’t go well thanks to some poorly timed asthma interference. And an 80 F heat index at 7 am.


  1. I never realised you have asthma - it makes your swimming achievements in particular all the more impressive to me because I struggle to breathe while swimming and I don't have any respiratory conditions at all. And running in that kind of heat must be ridiculously tough. I hope you're okay now!


  2. 80 degrees at 7 AM? WTF? That's just not fair. Do you bike-commute on your road bike, or do you have a commuter? I'm trying to talk myself into it--I just got keycard access to the bike racks and showers in the basement--but I'm dragging my feet for some reason.

  3. Nice work and glad you are off your do whatever plan. Running in Texas right now I completely understand that's awful and I'm over it.

  4. Ugh, the weather last weekend was awful! Did you find an allergist/pulmonologist yet?

    1. Yup! Thursday morning. We'll see what they say.

  5. Thank god the weather has finally switched over to fall. Sorry, what are you training for now? I can barely even keep track of my own schedule these days. Must be the new decade.