Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Colonial Beach Sprint: Age Group Win

I haven’t been big on racing sprints, but I might be starting to get the hang of them, including the amount I need to warm up and the effort level I should put out. I did pretty well at Colonial Beach Sprint last month, and while it wasn’t perfect, it was pretty good.

I mean, I did get to stand on top of a podium, so something must have gone well.

Swim (750m in 13:07, 1:29/100y, 1st/12 AG, 5th/143 women)

I felt OK during this swim – the flat water and straightforward triangular course helped. Both made it easy to stay on course, but I still didn’t feel especially speedy, and ideally, I wouldn’t be in the water much more than 12 minutes. Even being a little slow for my taste, I was 4th woman out of the water (one other woman in a later wave was also faster), but didn’t know where I was; I just assumed I was pretty far back since I didn’t feel that fast.

T1 (1:42, 1st/12 AG, 8th/143 women)

I passed two of those women who were ahead of me in T1, because evidently, putting on a bike helmet and shoes and running with a bike is becoming the best part of my race. Everybody needs a talent, right?

Bike (14mi in 40:43, 20.6mph, 2nd/12 AG, 14th/143 women)

I passed yet another woman about half a mile into the bike and became the lead woman on the course, but didn't realize that at the time. All I knew was that when I looked ahead, I only found men. And until mile 11, only men passed me. I was pretty confused, because first, where were the women, and second, why are people not flying past me nonstop? It wasn’t until looking at the splits after the race that I realized I was the first woman on the course for 10 miles.

The goal for the ride was to watch my data and push about 90% of my FTP, and since the course was quite flat, it was able to push a pretty consistent power level. I was close to my power output goal, but had to ease up a couple of times to stay out of draft zones and take turns safely, so I wound up with a few watts shy of the goal. I think I left maybe 30 seconds on the course easing up here and there, but I wasn't about to risk a crash by taking a corner too fast. 

T2 (1:51, 9th/12 AG (ouch), 67th/143 women)

At least two women passed me in T2. Stupid shoes.

Run (5k in 25:23, 8:12/mi, 5th/12 AG, 29th/143 women)

So it was hot. And the run course was on blacktop. That’s the end of my excuse list.

A couple more passed me in the first mile of the run, but I didn't feel like I had much more in me. Turns out that I wasn't even close to my run lactate threshold, even at the end. I guess a sprint is going to hurt a lot more than a longer race, isn’t it?

Overall (1:22:44, 1st/12 AG, 9th/143 women)

After I crossed the finish line and got some ice water, I wandered over to results and was happy to see I won my AG, Won it outright, nobody got pulled for overall or anything. I was even more happy when I found out that I placed top 10 out of over 100 women. I made Jason stick around for awards, where I was given a transition towel as a trophy.

Obviously the field was not very strong given how close I was to the front, but a taste of racing near the front was some good motivation to keep working to get faster.

Especially in T2. Stupid Brooks Adrenaline heel design.


  1. Great job! Pretty funny that you won a transition towel, given your expertise at T1.

  2. Any day you finish on the podium is a good day. Nice work! I love passing people in transition--mostly because I need that extra cushion on the run. Can't wait to see you smoke the bike course this weekend with all those watts!

  3. Nice job! A 25:XX 5k after all that other stuff is really impressive to me. Also, you beat that #motherrunner so good on you.

  4. woohoo!! youve been tearin it up!!!