Monday, September 30, 2013

September 9-15: Do Whatever, Part 1

About that training thing…

Coming off IM Mont Tremblant, I had Nation’s, an Olympic-distance race, in the near future, so I took a few days to recover, and then had to get back at it. Somehow, I kind of made it work, and even did a few speed workouts, though I knew things weren’t QUITE right when I watched my heart rate skyrocket on some moderate intervals.

Once I got through Nation’s, my body and mind finally demanded a break. Having done a February Marathon and an April Half Ironman, I’ve been going pretty hard for a while. So a few days after Nation’s, I told my coach that I was probably not going to do any of my scheduled workouts for the week, and asked for a couple of weeks of “do what I want.” She agreed this was the perfect time for this, and I went to work being a slug.

Yeah, not really like that.

Anyhow, this is how the first week of “do whatever” went.

Monday, 9/9: Easy 2000 meter swim in the morning, plus 11 miles of commuting on the road bike.

Tuesday, 9/10: Easy 9 mile bike commute. Nothing else.

Wednesday, 9/11: Nothing, unless enduring day-long conference calls counts as a workout.

Thursday, 9/12: Nothing. Work meeting in Baltimore all day.

Friday, 9/13: Sarah dragged me out for a 5 mile run around the mall at lunchtime. It was hard to get going after basically doing nothing all week, but I felt much better after getting out there.

Saturday, 9/14: 3600 meters of swimming with DCRP. I did not swim with them very much at all this summer, as their practices are at Hains Point…a pool I dislike for a variety of reasons.

Sunday, 9/15: 9 mile long run with Rachel, then took off for Philadelphia in the afternoon to run a big, long meeting.


  1. Nice nothing week! We all need those once in a while!

    And long conference calls are totally a workout....for my eyelids. They are the worst. Although I can often read blogs during them :)

  2. Sounds like a successful week to me ;)

  3. Why do you dislike the pool at Hains? This year they have had 6 lanes for lap swimming and actually put up recommended speed signs (like Wilson) - including writing 1:30 pace on the "Very Fast" lane. Glorious.

    1. It's SO DISGUSTING. The water is so cloudy that you can't see the bottom of the pool, the lane lines have terrible washover that throws off my flip turn rhythm, and the team practices there at night...which means practices are often canceled because of thunder. Just what I want - 90 minutes round trip to get to Hains Point to NOT swim.

  4. If anyone has earned a week to "do whatever," it's most definitely you. And maybe you'll turn back into a "real person" again soo. ;) (That was the ongoing joke at practice today--we're ready to be adults and not keep strange hours.)