Monday, March 4, 2013

February 25-March 3: SLD: Single Leg Drills or Slow, Labored Death?

As I transition from a marathon training focus to triathlon season, I fear repeating what I did last year – losing run fitness by taking it too easy on myself. I had a few opportunities to run a little faster this week, even though I was on the road for work, and had some pretty good results. A 7:03 mile, even if on the treadmill, is pretty speedy for me, and I was happy with myself for resisting the urge to stop early in that workout.

Smug with my ability to crush some run workouts in the face of business travel and lots of work, I told myself this season was going to be GREAT, and couldn’t wait to get back on my bike Friday night for a trainer session.

Then, the single leg drills knocked me down on my arrogant butt.

I had serious difficulties maintaining any kind of decent pedal stroke, and then botched up the intervals at the end with my complete inability to maintain any kind of 100+ cadence. At several points, I contemplated quitting the session, but in the end, my stubbornness prevailed and I finished it.

Lest the week end on a bad note, the next day, Rachel and I did a swim meet at UMBC, which resulted in my best 500 free time in recent memory. NOW I’m back to being an arrogant jerk. Just in case you were worried.

Monday: Rest Day.

Tuesday: In the morning, 3400 yards of swimming, including three pathetic time trials (400 – 5:30, 200 – 2:31, 100 – 1:11). After flying to Phoenix and several hours of meetings, an evening strength training session at the hotel gym.

Wednesday: Started the day at 4 am (What? It was 6 am in my home time zone) on this fine piece of machinery.

I did 7.58 miles, including 45 minutes at “goal marathon pace” which I will call 8:13/mile right now. It oddly didn’t feel that difficult. In the evening, crashed with the Phoenix masters swim team for what turned out to be their sprint night. That was painful but productive.

Thursday: Back to the treadmill in the wee hours of the morning, this time for a 5.75 mile “track” workout of 2400m (10:53) - 2000m (8:59) – 1600m (7:03). After a full day of meetings, I went back to the Phoenix masters team to stretch out on their “recovery day” and found that they think a long set with 25s of butterfly without any breathing constitutes “recovery.”

I kind of like those people.

Friday: Up early in the morning to strength train for 40 minutes and then swim 1500 meters to prepare for Saturday’s swim meet. After a cross country flight home, I hopped on the trainer for that ill-fated 75 minute session with 5 distinct 60-90 second breaks where I contemplated bagging the whole session for good…but didn’t.

Saturday: Swim meet! Here’s a picture with Rachel to prove it happened.

Approximately 4200 yards of swimming, including a 400 IM (5:46), 200 free (2:26) and 500 free (6:19). The 500 free time might be my best time in 5+ years; I certainly don’t remember going faster in recent times. The 200 free time? Let’s just say I split a 2:27 at the start of my 500, so perhaps short distances just aren’t for me these days.

Sunday: A 1:24 spin session with our training group, including my nemesis...single leg drills.

Followed immediately by 40 minutes of strength training with the group.


  1. I always wonder how early you have to wake up for your workouts because you are always at work so early. I give you major credit!

  2. haha, I want to know what was AFTER the single-leg drills, because there's a very "F this workout" character to those power spikes from 41:40 on.

    1. 6x(30 sec spin up to 100 rpm-1 min easy). And yeah, that was about what I was thinking.

  3. Awesome job completing those workouts while traveling. Um, you did those single-leg drills for a longgg time. We usually do 8-10x1 min. Very impressive swim times too!

  4. I was concerned about the arrogent jerk thing in the middle there....thank goodness that bullet was dodged!