Monday, December 10, 2012

December 3-9: More Marathon-Focused Training

Training for the sub-4 hour marathon goal on February 16 continued along last week, with all my schedule runs going as planned. I even hit my target paces right on during Wednesday’s track workout.

Saturday’s long run? Well, the black lines show the target pace range for the prescribed 14 mile easy long run…the red line shows our actual mile-by-mile pace.

Two out of 14 isn’t bad…and it’s not like we closed slowly.

However, next week, we need to be more disciplined about remaining slow and steady for the first 10 miles, because, first, we are going longer, and second, we are scheduled to finish up with three miles building to faster than marathon goal pace. No room for shenanigans at the start.

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: In the morning, a 5.66 mile run commute at 8:50/mile (yes, it’s still a net downhill, what about it?), in the evening, 5000 yards of swimming with DCRP Masters.

Wednesday: A 5.29 mile track workout including 1600 (7:53)-2x800 (3:48-3:48)-4x400 (1:47-1:47-1:48-1:48)

Thursday: An hour on the bike trainer, with 4x5 minute hill climb efforts, in the morning.

Friday: 5000 yards of swimming in the morning, partially with Beth.

Saturday: A 14 mile long run with Mia and Rachel at 9:25 pace – marathon training is getting real, isn’t it – followed immediately by 3500 meters of swimming with DCRP Masters.

Sunday: 1.5 hours on the bike trainer in the morning, 4000 yards of swimming in the evening.


  1. Great week! Your pace was close enough and the average was practically within the range. I'd say it was a success! At least it wasn't slower than your targeted range :)

  2. Nice week of training. I keep debating weather I want to swim...then I think nah...but it's coming dangerously close to me getting in the pool.

  3. Haha, I am useless at holding a steady pace. I'd been getting the hang of it quite well until my whole snow/injury issue. Sigh. Glad your training is still going well!

  4. Looks like a great week of training! I'm a triathlete, and Hollie passed along your URL. Looking forward to reading about your races and workouts. :)

  5. Running too fast...a problem I wish I had.