Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November 26-December 2: National Club Competition Kick Off

This weekend kicked off the USA Triathlon National Club Challenge Competition, a fun contest during which members of the various triathlon clubs throughout the country log their swim/bike/run training miles during the months of December, January, and February – the traditional triathlon off season in the U.S. There’s an overall club winner for the duration of the challenge, but the most enticing part is the competition to log the most swim distance in December.

It’s SO ours. DC Tri club is going to win, even if I have to log 30,000+ meters in the pool some weeks to keep us in the lead. I made sure that I got off to a good start this weekend, and mid-day Saturday, some of us were doing quite well in the standings.

It didn’t last. But for a brief moment…there I was. And there Rachel was, just a couple spots down.

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 40 minutes of strength training in the morning, 3750 yards of swimming with DCRP Masters in the evening.

Wednesday: A 7 mile run commute in the morning at an average pace of 9:31.

Thursday: One hour on the bike trainer, with 4x5 minute Z3/Z4 hill climb efforts.

Friday: 5 miles of running at a 9:16 pace in the morning, 3100 meters of easy swimming in the afternoon, including some work with new paddles that FINIS send me to evaluate.

Saturday: Kicked off the national club challenge in the morning with a 12 mile long run at 9:43 pace with Rachel, followed by a 4000 meter swim workout with DCRP.

Sunday: A 30 mile ride out in Great Falls and Potomac, including some extra fun climbing, with Rachel and Beth in the uncharacteristically warm December morning weather; in the afternoon, 4000 yards of swimming to add to the USAT national club challenge total.


  1. so I almost tweeted you when I was at work this sunday. I had to open up early for team in training to do their introductory session. it was funny because this guy kept talking about how big dc tri is and how it isn't personal blah blah blah. I wasn't sure which one you did - i wasn't even sure if you maybe were part of team in training. now I know!

  2. That challange sounds like a fab idea to keep everyone motivated during the off-season - definitely playing into everyone's competitive personalities to ensure that everyone benefits. I'd be the same as you, only trying to run my arse off (literally and figuratively haha) to give my team the best possible chance of winning.

  3. I more hats and water bottles! Go DC Tri

  4. Cool blog...and a tremendous amount of swimming...

  5. Nice Standing for you ! I think you have already done a fantastic job.