Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 12-18: Post-Race Recovery

I knew it was coming.

After that fun time in Richmond, PR’ing my half marathon by over six minutes. It was time.

Recovery week. Which makes me antsy and angry.

Luckily, I had a ton of other things going on to distract me, such as multi-day meetings I had to run. And, um, replacement of my 18 year old car. Writing a $xx,000 check is a good adrenaline surge substitute for a hard tempo run, but I don’t suggest doing it too often.

Monday: 20-some aimless miles of biking around DC and Arlington roads and trails. Beautiful day for it, yet so casual that I took my road bike and didn’t even bother with real bike shorts.

Tuesday: 4500 yards of swimming with DCRP Masters.

Wednesday: 4.75 mile track workout with 3x1200 (6:13-6:02-5:57)

Thursday: A workout with DCRP that I didn’t really feel like finishing…so I swam 2600 yards and called it a night. After deferring my weights workout from the morning. My work ethic is stellar, isn't it?

Friday: A 6.65 mile “long run” at 9:32 pace in the morning, which was evidently just 0.01 miles too short.

Saturday: 24 miles of biking on Beach Drive at a fairly easy pace, but back on the tri bike this time.

Sunday: A 4000 meter swim, plus the deferred Thursday strength training workout, in the morning.

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  1. I hate when runs are a bit too short to make for great stories. 6.66 is the best amount of mileage if I do say so myself. Hope you are pretty recovered and if not just spend next week riding alpacas.