Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Two Things Tuesday

It's been a while since I last posted. I've raced four times since then, so you'd think maybe I'd write about those races, but no, not interested in that right now. Two non-racing things I'm here to discuss instead.

1. Our local amazing triathlon shop, Tri360, made me their featured athlete of the month. They run an awesome shop, and if you have any bike- or triathlon-related needs in the DC area, you should go there. They take amazing care of my bike, and when my powermeter acted up 5 days before Eagleman 2014, they were going to turn the world upside down to get me set for race day.

Luckily, I only needed to move a battery. Way easier than moving the Earth.

2. Having done a lot of deep water/pool running when my foot was broken, I've still been working in a session or two a week as cross training. It's obviously not the most mentally stimulating activity, but during Sunday's pool running session, I found the ultimate secret to keeping yourself entertained while pool running.

Music? Nope.

Intervals? They help, but only so much.

Friends? Not quite.

The secret, you see, is to go to the pool the one afternoon of the week that the diving boards are open for use. Crowds of kids, teenagers, and, erm, "adults" were there to show off their...I'm not even sure what...on the 1- and 3-meter boards. It was nonstop entertainment for all.


  1. I can imagine how entertaining watching the diving boards must be! You would have loved ten year-old me, who was so determined to master the high dive that she belly-flopped so many times that she was sick at the side of the pool. You're welcome for that lovely piece of information. I never did manage to dive properly, even from a low board!

    Congrats on being a featured athlete! I would also love to hear about your races if you fancy recapping them at any point, but obviously no worries if not :)

    1. You're ahead of me - I'm ALWAYS terrified of the diving board.

  2. Oh gosh.

    BAHAHA, I loled a lot with the entertainment. I'm sure you saw everything.

    I'm really glad to see you out and racing healthy again. I hope we are able to meet up at Shamrock, that would be the best.

    1. Fingers crossed - going to see how the 2/14 marathon goes.

  3. I get the "no whining" part...but I can't swim from Alcatraz w/out a wetsuit when I do Escape and Sharkfest as I don't train in cold ocean water. So yeah, I like my wetsuit!

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