Monday, November 4, 2013

October 28-November 3: Unnecessary Out-And-Backs

Just like I did last fall and winter, I’m doing a running-focused training block as the temperatures start to drop to make running more enjoyable. That, combined with the lack of a need to ride my bike 4-6 hours every Saturday, has freed me up to do a bunch of running races this fall. I did one this Sunday, which didn’t go quite so well, but at least provided a lot of opportunities to practice my U-turn skills.

I mean, I understand that races taking place in downtown DC will be on convoluted routes because only so many roads can be shut down for so long, but sometimes, it’s a little ridiculous how they add in out and backs that are MAYBE 50 feet long.

Monday: In the morning, 90 minutes on the bike trainer (deferred from Sunday), then at lunchtime, a 6.6 mile progression run (building from 9:07-8:01/mile pace).

Tuesday: An easy 3.2 mile run and 25 minutes of strength training in the morning. 3000 yards of swimming with DCRP Masters in the evening, which included 7x200 broken/fast. Different from our normal workouts, but challenging in a very good way.

Wednesday: Another midday run – this one 5.75 miles of fartlek running.

Thursday: 45 minutes of easy spinning and 25 minutes of strength training in the morning, then 4100 yards of swimming with DCRP Masters in the evening. We got to do 4x400 descending down to 5:20.

Friday: A 10 mile run at an average pace of 9:23/mile first thing in the morning to beat the storms, then 2100 meters of easy swimming in the afternoon.

Saturday: Rest day. Nothing but a little stroll around the neighborhood.

Sunday: In the morning, an 8k race in 41:12, plus 2 miles of warm up and cool down. In the afternoon, 15ish miles of easy, recovery biking.


  1. Hah! I HATE that 8K course. Way too many turns.

  2. OMG, I hate having so many out-and-backs, too. The run course for the 70.3 I have in a couple weeks has three turn-around points, and we have to do two loops of the whole thing. Lame. Looks like a fantastic week of swimbikerunning to me!

  3. I've done quite a few races with out and backs, but never anything quite that short! I usually like them because you get to see the speedy runners coming back the other way - I guess with that tiny out/back you could scope out potential targets to catch? Sorry the race didn't go the way you wanted though - I hope the next one is better!

  4. That is one of the most ridiculous courses I have ever seen. Wow. Nice work last week.

  5. Looks like you're feeling a lot better compared to last week. You got some good mileage in.

  6. I feel like turning slows me down so much. I don't know how people do it fast.

  7. Gets my vote for most tiny absurd out and back ever!!! hahaha!