Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 21-27: Let's Try That Again

Training last week wasn't exactly stellar. I got the big hitting items in - a tempo run, a long run, etc. - but several failings on my part led to a couple of missed sessions:

First, I got the stomach flu Monday night. I thought maybe I could still wake up and do my tempo run Tuesday morning, but  then I took my temperature and found myself with a 102F fever. Turns out that the most strenuous thing I could do was walk to the grocery store for rice cakes and coconut water. And even that ended with me laying down on the sidewalk part of the way home.

Then, almost all better, I was out for an early morning run and wiped out in the pitch black. Fell so hard that I didn't even realize I was falling until I was on the ground. Nicely bruised up knees, a massive hematoma on one, and scrapes all over...and I still had 2.5 miles of running to finish the workout. My knees didn't feel quite right for a few days, and man, did it burn to jump into chlorinated water.

At least this week has to be better.

Monday: Nothing.

Tuesday: An epic 4 block round-trip walk to the grocery store for rehydration supplies. I had to take a 5 minute break on the way back. Not joking.

Wednesday: A 6.8 mile tempo run at lunchtime – with the 30 minute tempo section at 8:32/mile pace. About the best that can be expected less than 24 hours after the stomach flu. 25 minutes of strength training in the evening.

Thursday: 5.05 miles of running speedwork early in the morning – so early that I tripped and bruised/cut up both my knees pretty badly.

And yes, of course I finished the workout.

4100 yards of swimming with DCRP masters in the evening. Light on the kicking, but it helped the bruise de-swell by the end of the workout.

Friday: An hour of easy spinning on the bike trainer in the morning.

Saturday: An 11.3 mile run in the morning. Rachel and I did 7 miles easy, then build up to “race pace” with the last 3 miles in the 8s.

A 2-ish hour hike around great falls in the afternoon, where I banged both my knees on rocks multiple times. Genius.

Sunday: 7 or so miles of walking around to cheer for marathon runners. Deferred the planned bike workout to early Monday morning.


  1. Nice work Victoria! Not sure if I would have finished the workout after wiping out that hard. This week will 100% be better!

  2. Get a headlamp if you don't already have one! Folks I know seem to love the Petzl brand. I just have one from Lowe's and really that works just fine for me. Feel better!

    1. To be fair, about a month ago I wiped out in broad daylight during a lunchtime run, too...

  3. I've only had stomach flu twice, and it's knocked me out of running for at least three days each time. So the fact that you got back on your feet so quickly is nothing short of amazing to me, and to do a tempo run as well? Hardcore.

    I always end up bashing my knees to pieces if I ever fall as well - I do hope your knee is one the mend now!


    1. I should be like a real blogger and post pictures of it. Doesn't everybody want to see the red and purple streaks?

  4. Of COURSE you finished the workout. I don't expect anything less than you. And to echo your comment above: did the wipe out really happen if there aren't pictures on the Internet? ;)

  5. OMG. OUCH. I've done the same thing a couple times. It hurts. Hope you're healing well! Solid week of training!

  6. Good on you for getting what got accomplished. Imagine what next week will be like when you back to 100% Keep it up!

  7. Falling in the dark is such a fear of mine! Props for finishing the workout. You should have bought some candy at the store, it's a known cure for illness.