Monday, November 18, 2013

November 11-17: Taper, Part 1

Last week started the first bit of taper for the Annapolis Half Marathon, and the volume reduction was most notable in the week's long run, which wasn't even close to cracking double digit mileage.

It was perfect timing, because I spent almost all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at a judging clinic in Colorado.
Scenery, A+, training opportunities, D-.

Luckily, I got the "long" run in early Friday morning before flying out.

Monday: Rest day, with a long walk and a painful 90 minute sports massage.

Tuesday: 6.14 mile fartlek run (6x1 minute hard-2 minutes easy) and 25 minutes of strength training in the morning, then 4100 yards of swimming with DCRP Masters in the evening.

Wednesday: A 5.4 mile track workout in the evening, with 4x1200 building from half marathon pace to 10k pace (6:00-5:46-5:41-5:41).

Thursday: Easy 45 minute spin on the bike trainer in the morning, 4200 yards of swimming with DCRP Masters in the evening.

Friday: A seven mile run in the morning before flying out to Colorado.

Saturday: 12 hours of synchronized swimming judge’s updating in Colorado. Used breaks to get in 25 minutes of body weight strength training and 2000 meters of swimming in this beautiful pool at the Olympic Training Center.

Sunday: Rest day. More classroom time and a (very) late-night flight home.


  1. I hope you successfully made it home. That seemed like a huge pain. UGH, delayed flights. I cannot wait to see what you do in the Annapolis half this week!

  2. Hope the taper tantrums are mild. Good luck this weekend at the half!!