Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 6-12: Training in Real Conditions

I finally took on some hills with my powermeter.

Yeah, I’ve had it since January, but I’ve been doing a lot of lactate threshold/tempo work indoors, and focusing on long, flat rides to prepare for Charleston for a few months.

Also, I’m a wimp, and I didn’t want to confirm with data what I already knew from experience: I spike my power on hills.


We were out on MacArthur/River Road on Saturday, on hills that aren’t nearly as long or steep as those I’ll see in Mont Tremlant in 13.5 weeks (WHAT?), but even in my easiest gear, I went above my functional threshold power WAY too often. Sure, I can make it through a bike workout, but 112 miles of that followed by a marathon is a different story.

In other “time to suck it up and get out in real-world conditions” news, I did a 1 mile open water swim on Sunday.

It was…not fast. But I got more experience in open water, which was the whole point, and won my age group, so it wasn't terrible, I guess.

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: In the morning, 6.14 miles (9:03/mile) with hill repeats and 2 miles at the end building to half marathon pace (8:30/7:53 – hi, downhill!). Followed it up with 4300 yards of swimming with DCRP masters in the evening, where we did a bunch of fast 75s.

Wednesday: 45 minutes of strength training in the morning (yessssssssss! Finally.). A solo track workout in the evening, with 5.73 miles including an 800-1200-1600-1200-800 ladder (3:41-5:45-7:50-5:55-3:54)

Thursday: An hour on the trainer in the morning, with spinups to 110 rpm and a 15 minute build to Zone 4 (208W). In the evening, 4500 yards with DCRP Masters with MORE fast 75s, and a slew of 200 IMs that I finished on the 2:55, which is faster than I’ve been at the IM for a while.

Friday: 5000 meters of straight up swimming in the morning, followed by 45 minutes of strength training in the evening.

Saturday: 41.5 miles of biking followed immediately by 6.13 mile of running (9:19/mile). Rachel and I rode out to the T in Potomac, and then I ran up and down Connecticut Ave. It was just like every weekend of Ironman training last year, including the drenching humidity.

Sunday: A one mile lake swim in Ellicott City, MD, in 31:52…as much as I hate to say “the course was long” – well, based on the top finishing times, the course was long.


  1. WATTS! I need to get me some WATTS!

    Loks like a very solid week and let's just face it: ALL COURSES ARE LONG! I don't care who measures them......haha!

  2. OK, so your OWS "wasn't fast," yet you still won your age group ... just taking that in for a brief minute ... :) Nice work!

  3. Way to get at them weights shawwty! I'm envious of your swimming ability--I couldn't even gauge mine at Wildflower because the water was so choppy and sighting was awful so I was looking around like every 3rd stroke. Sheesh- excuses excuses.

    So my mom might make me come home at some point this summer, so you owe me a meet up. And an introduction to your cute friends if I remember correctly!

  4. Yeah that humidity this weekend was not cool. And then yesterday I wake up and it's literally nearly freezing outside. WTF. Nice job on the age group win! Damn those long courses.

  5. Yes that course was long. My garmin measured at it 1.23 miles. Winning your age group is awesome and congrats on that. Also congrats on getting some strength work in. I know about the struggle for that...well maybe you don't have a struggle getting that in but I have been.

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