Monday, November 12, 2012

November 5-11: Half Marathon PR

Most of last week was dedicated to resting up and stretching out my legs for the Richmond Half Marathon on Saturday.

I knew that, barring illness, injury, or truly terrible execution, I was going to PR, and it was just a matter of how much. I’ll write up a full race report shortly, but all you need to know is that I met my A goal of sub-1:54, and that my old PR of 1:59:04 is history.

(According to the final, official, results, my time was 1:53:32. Same thing.)

Monday: Rest day, with about 3.5 miles of city walking to keep the legs loose, and a sports massage in the evening to prepare for the half marathon on Saturday.

Tuesday: 40 minutes of easy spinning on the bike trainer in the morning, 4000 yards of swimming with DCRP in the evening.

Wednesday: A 4.5 mile track workout, with 2.5 miles at “race pace” effort, which turned out to be 8:16/mile that day. That would be a 1:49 half marathon, which was not going to happen, so this was clearly done a little too fast.

Thursday: 3000 yards of very easy solo swimming in the morning. Lots of foam rolling and stretching at night.

Friday: A 2.5 mile shakeout run, with a mile at race pace effort in the middle. I brought no watch and did not care what my pace was, I was focused on enjoying running and containing the excitement of the PR that I knew would follow the next day; it was just a matter of executing the race to find out how much of a PR it would be.

Saturday: 13.1 miles of running at the Richmond Half Marathon in 1:53:32 (8:39 pace). Came back to DC and did 15 minutes of pool running and 1000 meters of swimming in the afternoon to loosen up the legs.

Sunday: Technically a rest day, but with my current car hanging together by a (rusty) thread and my new car not due to arrive in DC for another week, I hopped on my road bike for 15 miles to and from coaching in Arlington. Nice day for it, and a good chance to keep the legs moving.


  1. Awesome! Super-huge congrats on the PR! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. I saw your tweet and was so happy for you! way to kick some alpaca butt!

  3. Congrats on your amazing PR! How exciting!! Looking forward to hearing more about it!

  4. Nice job! I ran the full and was on-target for a 4:00:00 marathon at the half, but then everything fell apart and I ended up walking a large portion of the second half. Glad you had a better experience!

  5. I'm so happy for you and I hope you are a little less sore. I've found personally shaking out my legs after a race does so much more good, I want to try doing pool running afterwords sometime. You are the bomb!

  6. Nice, PR Victoria! That's a ton of time to take off your PR! Congrats :)

  7. Yeah! So pleased for you :D I always have to keep on going after whatever race I do otherwise I just seize up. Better to keep moving, particularly when you have other non-impact sports you're so good at.

  8. Congrats again! I also must say how impressed I am that you went pool running and swimming the same day as a race! I usually stuff myself with a huge breakfast and spend the rest of the day on the couch.