Friday, October 19, 2012

My Dad's Half Marathon

 Somebody in my immediate family is entered in a half marathon this weekend, and it isn't me.

Weird, right?

It's my dad!
He'll be at the start line of the Detroit Half Marathon at 7 am on Sunday, racewalking his 63 year old self through the mean streets of Detroit, over the river to Canada, back over to Detroit, and finally finishing up in front of the Spirit of Detroit Statue.

He'd originally thought he'd run the thing, but then decided he was more suited to walking and opted to leave running to others.

The impressive part is that his "walking" for his 10-13+ mile training sessions clocked in just above 13 minute per mile pace. That's...about the pace that some people run.

Everybody cheer him on Sunday morning! Go, Dad, go! Out-walk those runners!


  1. For the record, I think your father walks faster than I do.

  2. Good luck your dad! How awesome! And seriously, race walking champion!

  3. Wow! Good luck to your Dad - he must be a power-walker going at that speed :D

  4. Go Dad GOO! Cheering you all the way!!