Monday, November 23, 2015

Prazynski Memorial 5k Race Report

Today, Jason and I close on the condo next door to mine so that we can make one big condo for us to both live in. Since it needs quite a bit of work, we probably aren’t going to be able to travel to visit family for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and planned in advance to visit our respective families in early November. I got to travel to Ohio a couple of weekends ago to see my niece (and give her a purple gorilla because everybody needs one of those).

And also bake a bunch of cookies, so that my family could freeze them to have at Christmas.

Finally, of course, I had to pet this guy, in all his 20 pounds of feline glory.

While I was there, I wanted to be able to run, of course, and got this idea that maybe I could even find a race. Winner, I found the Prazynski Memorial 5k taking place about 30 minutes from my parents’ house, and even convinced my dad to sign up, too.

It was under 30F when we got there, so I took full advantage of the time to warm up and finished right before the ceremony to honor the race namesake, and then lined up right in back of a couple of local cross country teams, because, come on, I’m not that dumb.

Mile 1: 7:35

As I figured, the cross country teams took off like mad, and at least 50 people passed me in the first 100m, including a woman in loose sweatpants and a knee length puffy jacket. I didn’t panic, because either they would hold that pace the whole race - in which case, I wasn’t going to keep up -or they were going to crash and burn and I’d pass them later.

Maybe 300m later, I’d passed at least 20 people (including the previously mentioned woman in knee length puffy jacket). It took me until the first mile to pass the remainder of those who took off way too fast, though I questioned possibly going a tad conservatively when I saw the first mile split pop up.

Mile 2: 7:32

I continued to pass a few more people, and as I approached the final turnaround, counted five women in front of me.

Mile 3: 7:27

During this mile, I passed one more woman and moved into 5th place woman overall. I was feeling good, which is probably not ideal for mile 3 of a 5k – come the final 0.5-0.75 miles, you should feel pretty terrible.

Last bit: 6:25/mi

That woman I passed tried to outkick me at the end. She failed.

Final time: 23:10 (7:27/mi)

This was 12 seconds off my PR, so I was OK with my time. I should have pushed harder earlier, and need to race 5ks more often to figure out the appropriate effort level more easily – the last standalone 5k I raced was in the spring, so I was rusty.

Still I was announced as the age group winner.

My dad won his age group, too! Even walking the entire thing (in 38-something, e.g. faster than some people run).

Something was funky with the results, and latter than night, another woman was placed in front of me, but I didn’t see her on the course at the out-and-back near then end where I counted the women in front of me. So, who knows what happened there. I do know that I ran a negative split race and almost got a PR, so I’ll call it a successful day.

I also know that this cat is apparently sad now that I’ve returned to DC.

 Do I have the right ratio of cat pictures to running discussion here? Please give feedback in the comments.


  1. This is my favorite: That woman I passed tried to outkick me at the end. She failed.

  2. Almost perfect. I always like to see a crappy race photo. :D

    Nice negative split!

    1. Haha, yes, no photos for this race (sadly, I guess)

  3. It is simply impossible to have too many cat pictures...although the sad kitty face broke my heart. I would never be able to leave if a cat looked at me like that, or missed me that much. I am just way too soft and soppy, I know.

    Also, Jennifer is right. That sentence is the most badass piece of writing I have read in a long time.

    Well done to you and your Dad!

    1. I tried to take the kitty home! But my parents wouldn't let me.

  4. Nice work and that is funky about the results.

    I loled at the outkicking though. And more internet cat photos and stick drawings plz.

  5. Love it when the family gets in on the podium action! I remember an old coach saying, "if you don't pass out or throw up after a 5-K, you didn't push hard enough." So there's that. But solid work out there!

    1. Yeah, definitely wasn't there at the finish. Ah well. Next time.

  6. Nice work! I'm giggling at the thought of baggy sweats and a puffy coat for a 5K. Maybe I'll rock that look for the turkey trot ;) my sons would be embarrassed to be seen with me...

    1. I mean, wear whatever, but I don't know many people who can hold sub-6/mi pace for a 5k while wearing that.

  7. Way to go! I need to race more 5ks, Im terrible at the pacing but I always go big or go home...I mean, if a 5k is $30 and a half marathon is $60....more pain for the buck, right??