Friday, May 3, 2013

Even I Don't Understand Myself

I have a long swim on my workout schedule today, with that 4.4 Mile Chesapeake Bay Swim looming in the not-too-distant future.

Even though I have the day off work, I sat down at 7 am to do "just a couple of things" before heading off for the workout.

I'm still sitting here a little before 2 pm because more work keeps coming in, and I can't make myself stop working even though I'm technically not working today.

That's not quite accurate. I have gotten up to go get my coconut oil and a spoon, because for the past week, I have been craving straight-up fat like crazy.

Don't worry, it's solid at room temperature, so this isn't as gross as it sounds.

Nevermind. It's disgusting. Unless you have impossible fat cravings, in which case it is the most delicious thing ever.

Anyway, I'm going to go swim now.

Right after I finish up this one last document...


  1. I'm so guilty of sitting down with a jar of PB or AB and a spoon, but I've never had straight-up coconut oil. (Have a jar from TJs--love it!) I'm intrigued ...

  2. I still say go for the ghee ;)

  3. I got coconut oil (in solid form) on my hand while cooking the other day and just ate it. Surprisingly not as gross as it sounds.

    Have a good swim!

  4. You know, I can't have coconut oil in the house since I tasted a bit on a spoon and realised it's delicious that way. I then had to throw away what was left before I started eating it the way I do peanut butter (i.e 1 jar=1 serving). So much shame.

    I hope work allows you to get in a swim in the end!


  5. I totally hear the escape route of procrastination but remember a workout only has to be 10% of your day. If you need more inspiration to get in the pool or just help on your swim contact me on my site

    1. I don't need more inspiration to get in the pool, nor help in my swim (I swam in college).

      Also, you try to get clients by telling people that they are procrastinating when they are working their asses off for their day jobs for several hours on their day off? You're doing it wrong.

  6. I too love the coconut oil... In fact I prefer it over coconut butter.

  7. Coconut oil is coconut frosting in my mind. I would eat spoonfuls all the time if I could. That stuff is like crack.

  8. #rage

    Anyways, hope you got a swim in and also hope you get a real day off work today.