Friday, April 19, 2013

This is not about tomorrow's race

I managed to pull my act together well enough to go forward with tomorrow's half ironman in Charleston. Normally, that would mean I'd write out a nice, detailed race plan and spend part of today contemplating potential race splits, goal times, and the like.

Today's not a normal day, though.

I'm sure most have read about the widespread lockdown situation in Boston, Cambridge, and Watertown today, which was set off by a series of events including the murder of an MIT Police Officer.

Instead, I've spent literally hours today watching coverage, and reading about the fallen officer who, like many of his fellow force members, was an incredible member of the community at MIT who supported students and kept them safe.

Rest in peace, Sean Collier. You made a difference in your time here.


  1. The events in Boston today have been almost as shocking as the bombing itself - it's so sad to see brave, selfless individuals sacrifice their lives in the pursuit of these sick, sick people.

    I would still like to wish you all the best for the race, particularly given the challenges you've faced during training. If anyone can finish strongly, even in the face of adversity, it's you.