Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 16-22: Broken Bikes and Long Trainer Rides

This is a little late because on Sunday and Monday, I was pouting over this.

Yep. That would be the bar end shifter on my tri bike after meeting a door frame.

It’s already been fixed with some industrial-strength glue by the folks at Bonzai, and ready to go for the week.

That was a relief.

And with that, the week that preceded that incident.

Monday: A one hour tempo run covering 5.83 miles in the morning.

Tuesday: In the morning, 27.4 miles of biking around Hains Point with some sprint efforts thrown in; in the evening, a 4.5 mile bike commute home and a 3300 meter swim practice with DCRP with some stroke and sprint work.

Wednesday: A 5.1 mile track workout, with three sets of 800-(400 easy)-400. Not dead, but not moving so fast.

Thursday: 23.7 miles of sluggish biking behind Sarah, Rachel, and Karen in the morning, a 4.5 mile bike commute home in the evening.

Friday: A 40 minute run in the morning right before swimming 3700 meters with Beth at Wilson. I swim faster when she is chasing me through a set of 6x400.

Saturday: Five hours of biking.

On the trainer.

What? Why? How?

I woke up and it was raining. Had been all night. Wet roads. But the radar showed that it might clear in the near future. So I set up the trainer and put Spaceballs in my DVD player (I don’t get cable but do have some DVDs that my brother burned for me a few years ago). Surely the rain would pass.

80 minutes in. Rain about to clear, but roads still really wet. Put in Daria: Is it College Yet? And wait for the roads to dry out.

2:30 down. More rain coming in from the west. Damnit. Put in Dude Where’s My Car?  and hammer out a few more 5 minute “hill” intervals for variety.

Dude Where’s My Car? has a defect. Pop in Mallrats. Line of pouring rain continues to pass through. More 5 minute “hill” intervals.

Text message from Beth. She offers to come over and chat while doing a strength routine while I toil away on the bike for another hour and a half.


And finally, completion.

Beth called it “impressive,” I called it “impressively stupid.” But it was how things had to get done, since I had to do the long bike Saturday, and had to be somewhere at 2 pm, so putting it off much longer wasn’t an option.

Sunday: A three hour run in the morning, covering just under 16.4 miles with a minute of walking at the beginning of each mile. 45 minutes of recovery swimming in the evening.


  1. Impressive or impressively stupid -- is there really much difference between the two?

    And...don't both terms apply to ironman training?

  2. And by "strength training" you clearly mean do 4 squats then sit on a yoga mat :)

  3. Better than driving 3 hours in the rain to do nothing

  4. Awesome. I did one 6 hour trainer ride before IMLP...you'd be amazed at how much that helps because outdoors is GORGEOUS after staring at your wall for 6 hours :-P

  5. Impressive indeed! Way to gut it out.

  6. Awesome. I did one 6 hour trainer ride before IMLP...you'd be amazed at how much that helps because outdoors is GORGEOUS after staring at your wall for 6 hours :-P

  7. 5 hours on the trainer makes me want to cry, but at least you had solid movie choices.

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