Monday, January 16, 2012

January 9-14: More Low Volume Training

Last week, I whined about how I feel just short of double-digit training hours for the week and how that was lame. This week, I didn't even crack 9 hours. But even though I feel kind of like a slug, I understand why it’s a little subdued right now. August 26 is a long way away, and I don’t need to be killing myself quite yet. That can wait until March or so.

Even though it feels like I didn’t do much, I did do a little swimming, biking, and running. Here goes:
Monday: Rest day. Evening workout of walking to and from Cleveland Park for dinner.
Tuesday: 3500 meter workout with some short rest 200s in 1:10 early in the morning before jumping on a plane to Palm Beach for work. Tuna eating workout in the evening.
Wednesday: 5.2 mile tempo run in 55 minutes with 9:47 tempo pace, which was slower than this week’s long run. Logical. It was super fun doing this at 5:30 am looping around a generic-looking office park. 20 minutes of half-assed weightlifting following the run. Stir-fry eating workout in the evening.
Thursday: Extremely early swim practice with a master’s team in Palm Beach, 3200 meters in 1 hour. I managed to haul one of my colleagues from the meeting along with me, even though it involved waking up before 5 am.
Friday: Long before sunrise, a 90 minute trainer ride (22.5 miles, whatever) with a 5 minute zone 3-4 effort every 15 minutes to prevent total boredom. Immediately followed by a 30 minute lifting session, focused on gluteal and core strength, with some functional training work thrown in. 15 minutes of mandated stretching following that.
**After Friday’s workout, I went and had my left hip evaluated by a PT because my piriformis and hamstring pain has been getting more frequent, and I’ve started having nearly unbearable sciatic nerve pain running all down my leg when sitting for extended periods. Good news is that I have minimal activity restrictions, and I got some dry needling work done to relieve the overactive trigger points all over my hip. I did have to rearrange my workout schedule, because I’m not supposed to run for at least 24 hours after dry needling, but this was no big deal compared to what some people deal with in PT.
Saturday: 3700 meter morning swim in 1:15, including time trials in the 400m-200m-100m. The 200 and 100 were below 1:30/100 meter pace, the 400 was a little above it. Boo.
Sunday: 9.3 mile morning “long run” (everything seems short after marathon training) in 1:30:31 (9:43 pace). It was cold when we started, and still cold when we finished.

THAT was temperature reading after we were done running. Obviously, I needed to spend 20 minutes doing a 1100 yard recovery swim in the evening  to enjoy cold water, too.

Worst part of the week: A tempo run so poorly executed that it was slower than my long run for the week. I blame Florida (for the poor tempo run, and other things, including our last president).
Best part of the week: Pulling off a nearly 2.5 hour workout on Friday without crushing fatigue.


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  2. I generally support blaming Florida for everything.

  3. U should be riding 100 miles a day during this part of the season

  4. I don't know how you can really blame Florida for your poor tempo run...maybe our last president but we have a lot of old people who can't figure out the ballot system. Maybe you are just jealous that we complain when it's 46 F at the start of a run when you are finishing up with weather that's 20 F cooler.

  5. I agree with your friend Jon. 50 miles before work. 50 miles after work. Next week, up it to 100. If you feel tired, eat a carrot.

  6. Whoa whoa whoa, 100 miles a day, yes. But if you eat too many carrots you'll get fat. Better off eating air only, bottled diet air if you can afford it.

  7. Please tell me you included the walk to CP on Monday in your miles for NCC.

  8. I don't understand this waiting until March to start killing yourself in training. Clearly you need to add some more of those eating workouts to the schedule.