Monday, January 30, 2012

January 23-29: Double-Digit Training At Last

Oh exciting day! Last week, I finally cracked double digit hours for training. 10:25 for the week, to be exact. I’m pretty sure this week will surpass that mark, too. Here’s how everything went.

Monday: A nearly 2 hour running/strength training/stretching session with everything broken up all over the place in the morning. It wasn’t killer, and it was certainly fun to run 3 miles, go lift heavy things, and then run 2 miles on the treadmill pushing it as fast as possible at the end. Fifteen minutes easy on the bike trainer in the evening per the PT’s instructions
Tuesday: Another 15 minute easy spin on the trainer first thing in the morning per PT’s orders. DCRP masters practice in the evening to log 3300 meters in the pool.
Wednesday: A 6.2 mile evening track workout that was quite fast for me, with 8x800 holding an average time of 3:58. More discussion on this coming in Thursday’s post.
Thursday: Started the day with a 1 hour zone 2 bike trainer session. Added on 30 minutes of medicine ball/core work.
Friday: The coach I work with knows that I have every other Friday off work, and usually uses this to give me some extra training fun. I just about squealed with glee when I saw a 2:30 session, starting with a 7 mile run and finishing with whatever biking time I needed to reach 2:30. The weather looked like it would turn beautiful around 11 am, and I was excited for this.

Then, Thursday afternoon, I was informed that rather than having the day off work, I would be meeting with super-important government person who had asked to meet with me specifically. So…time to plan for a 5 am start, including laying everything out the night before.

(Obsessive? No, of course not)

Since I would now be relegated to the trainer in the pre-dawn hours, my coach kindly sent a 1:30 trainer workout to give me something besides Good Morning America to keep me occupied. This workout included 3x(5 min hard gear/low cadence-3 min easy gear/high cadence-5 min moderate gear/moderate cadence-2 min spin easy). Using a hard gear and low cadence is…well…hard. My legs were totally toasted by a little bit after 8 am.
Saturday: 30 minute CXWORX class, which focuses on core/glute/hip strength, 15 minutes of upper body lifting, and 4300 meters of swimming. I could so feel the past four days by the time I got to the swim, and completely missed my goal HIM pace on some 300s. Now perhaps 20 seconds wasn’t enough rest after each 300 for holding that pace, and I was only about 10 seconds off (4:40 instead of 4:30 in long course meters), but I was still disappointed. And tired. Really tired.
Sunday: Rest day. And perhaps the first rest day that I’ve completely relished.

Worst part of the week: A complete rearrangement of Friday’s training session, which should have been awesome, but would up being incredibly tiring because of a last-minute meeting. That said, this meeting was exceptionally informative and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything, even biking on a mild, sunny day in January.
Best part of the week: Beating my own expectations for 800 pace at Wednesday’s track workout. By a lot.


  1. I'm shocked that you actually enjoyed Sunday's rest day!

    Sorry that Friday's glorious training day got rearranged but at least it sounds like it was worth it. I'm sure it would have been a lot more frustrating if the meeting was a total waste of your time.

  2. Rock on the track. Yay!

    I"m glad the meeting was worth it - I would have been a bit ticked. I don't handle disruptions well.

  3. rest days? what are those again?

  4. That must have been a very special person to be better than spending time on the bike outside.
    You know you're finally in serious training when you are happy for rest days.

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