Monday, January 9, 2012

January 2-8: Single Digit Training Volume Week

I guess the title tells you that my training was a little lame this week, since I didn't hit 10 hours. Whatever. It was 9.87 (yes, really) and I give myself credit for not going and randomly doing an extra eight minutes on the bike trainer last night for no good reason.

The most notable thing this week involved some action on my new bike, which is scary. Guys, it has aerobars and no drops. Scary.

So here is how the week went down, complete with a bit of action on those carefully-fitted aerobars:

Monday: 40 minutes of upper body/core focus lifting in the morning, and in the afternoon, 6.5 miles of scary, windy biking on Hains Point, which included banging up my inner thigh with my new bike when the wind hit me the wrong way while I was unclipping. One hour and five minutes on the bike trainer after that, which included 5x(5 min hard-3 min recovery) for a total of 22.5 miles of biking.
Tuesday: Rest day. Laundry workout in the evening.
Wednesday: Evening track workout - 4x(800 threshold-400 recovery-400 fast). Total of 5.8 miles in 55 minutes.
Thursday: Morning aerobic focus swim of 3200 meters in one hour.
Friday: Morning 6.1 mile run commute in one hour. Beautiful sunrise on Connecticut Ave and along the mall.
Saturday: 40 mile bike on Beach Drive in 2:39 in the late morning/early afternoon. I did not crash my bike and got a little more comfortable on the aerobars, but was uneasy with all the crowds out there.
Sunday: Morning extravaganza of 5 mile run (47 minutes) immediately followed by a 2600 yard swim (40 minutes), immediately followed by a 40 minute weight lifting session. The instructions for the lifting were to "kill my legs." Done.

Worst part of the week: Bruising up my inner thigh like crazy while clipping out at Hains Point. Seriously? Lame.
Best part of the week: Keeping a 9:30 pace on Sunday's run despite the ridiculous hills all over upper NW.


  1. Wait, did you tip over with your bike?

  2. The laundry workout should push you above 10 hours for the week. Laundry is like 3+ hours of my volume usually!

  3. were you washing colors or whites? Colors weigh more, so you can record the extra 7 minutes for those.

  4. When I read single digits I thought miles - probably because I just had a single digit mile month in December! Anyway, almost 10 hours is nothing to sneeze at. And if you sneeze at me, off with your head as I don't want and more single digit months! Nice work V, nice work.

  5. Pretty sure I would kill myself on a bike with aerobars.