Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Obligatory Triathlon Blog

A good way to get your fellow runners/swimmers/triathletes to read your blog is to write about food. Chocolate and chocolate-based baked goods in particular.

But the hazard of this is that eventually, after you read all about their training and racing, they get angry that you don’t share yourself. So fine: behold, my obligatory triathlon blog.

Since it’s obligatory, don’t expect me to include anything useful or interesting. My training is pretty boring. I swim (too much). I bike (not hard enough). I run (really slowly). Sometimes I lift. I rarely stretch. Nothing interesting happens when I race.

But go ahead and read anyway.

Snarky comments are most welcome.


  1. I'm going to need to see some garmin screenshots before I believe this is a legit training blog...

  2. Snark? Oh, this is going to be fucking brilliant!

  3. You aren't even CLOSE to being a triathlete blogger yet. Please try again and include: picture of your shoes, picture of your garmin after a run, picture taken while running/cycling, picture of your recovery smoothie, and excessive use of the word awesome.

  4. I'm pretty excited to read about all sorts of hardcore swim workouts.

  5. Obligatory "you go girl - you are freaking inspirational" comment.